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CMP Ratepayers Unite


Action Plan for CMP Ratepayers unite

Step 1

File a complaint with CMP (as futile as this might seem it’s worth doing). If you have done this skip to step 2

If you have difficulty paying your bill ask for a payment plan. Have CMP come check your meter (even though they will most likely say it’s working fine even if it’s not!) *ask for autopay to be removed from your account. It is better to keep your money and deal with each payment as they come, you are in charge of what portion you are able to afford for the month.

If you are in fear of disconnection, please call or email (rebecca.connors@maine.gov) 207-287-4917. But email is better due to the volume of complaints. 

Step 2

File a complaint with the Maine Public Utilities Commission.  You can file a complaint with the Commission by telephone, letter, fax, in person, or by using the online complaint form (which is not user friendly!).

Online consumer complaint form

 In the Utility Detail section, select Transmission and Distribution Utilities as the Industry Sub-type. This will then allow you to choose “add” in the Utility Company Name section so you can select Central Maine Power.


The Consumer Assistance Division (CAD) of the Commission will notify you in writing or by telephone of its decision. When you file your complaint please be sure to ask for the complaint to be part of the public record and aid an investigation. Consumer Assistance Hotline, 1-800-452-4699, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.Maine Public Utilities Commission Consumer Assistance Division 18 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0018


Harry Lanphear, Administrative Director (207) 287-3831 phone (207) 287-1039 fax Email: Harry.A.Lanphear@maine.gov


Nancy Goodwin, Assistant Administrative Director (207) 287-3831 phone (207) 287-1039 fax Email: Nancy.Goodwin@maine.gov

Check on progress of the summary investigation of CMP here:



Mark Vannoy, Chairman

Dr. R. Bruce Williamson, Commissioner

Randall D. Davis, Commissioner

Step 3

 CMP Ratepayers unite list 


  1. Add your name to the “CMP Ratepayers unite list” it is important that everyone who has been overcharged it accounted for:    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddby2uUa5KubjfU1QzSx1DPinMUaiwuE7fIrnqaKLX1rbDMA/viewform. When you’re done adding your name to the list please share!!! the list with your email contacts and other Maine facebook groups.

Class Action information

Summary investigation of CMP


Check on progress of the summary investigation of CMP here: